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Free Spyware Removal

Spybot Search and Destroy One of the grand-daddies of anti-spyware and still one of the best. Limited realtime protection so run your scans frequently
to stay protected. This one is free, even for commercial use.
Download Spybot Search and Destroy

Spyware Doctor Another excellent package, often used in conjuction with Spybot. A free version of the package is available as part of the Google Pack, a collection of excellent free software. Download the Google Pack .

Microsoft Windows Defender Windows Defender is an anti-spyware package which comes built into Windows Vista. If you're running Windows XP then you can download it free by clicking on the above link. Not reckoned to be as good as the two packages above (yet), nevertheless used by many as it has the backing of Microsoft. To go straight to the download, click here.

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