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 Internet Security

Protect your information

Untitled-1  People don't joke about www standing for "Wild Wild Web" instead of "World Wide Web" for nothing. Although most internet users have only the best intentions at heart, a look at any email box that has been targeted by spammers shows that there are people out there with malice on their minds. No one wants to involuntarily share their personal details or documents, not to mention banking details and the like. Protect your information

Security Auditing

Home Helptech can help by checking your system security, identifying gaps in your settings and setting up firewalls to keep you and your precious information safer. We know the right security product for your needs and often they're free!

Why do we need Internet security?

 The internet is not as safe as everyone thinks it is. Like in everyday life if you leave your windows or doors open the chances of your house getting burgled are very high. Same goes for your computer, if you’re not protected with a firewall or antivirus then the chances the intruders have of gaining access to your computer are fairly high. There are thousands of people on the internet everyday coming up with new ways of infecting your computer with viruses or creating ways to get passed your security software. It is very important to let your computer install every update and make sure your internet security is up to date.  

How can I strengthen my internet security?

 The only way computers can be 100% safe from viruses or people accessing your data is to have it permanently disconnected from the internet but how can we make it safe while we are surfing the internet. There are many ways to strengthen your computer from attacks. Below are some of the ways you can stop intruders from accessing your important data. Hardware Firewalls: Hardware firewalls such as routers have a built in firewall to prevent any threats coming in or going out of your computer. These are one of the most secure firewalls as this deals with any problem before it gets anywhere near your computer. Software Firewalls: Windows operating systems have a firewall already installed in them. To check if this is enabled go to Start > Control Panel > Security Centre and make sure your firewall is turned on. You can buy software form the internet or your local PC retailer which will include a firewall in the package. Some of these products are Norton Internet Security, Kaspersky Internet Security and Zone Alarm Internet Security Suite to name a few. If your ever having issues installing or just want to make sure that your firewall is doing its job call one of our technicians on 1890 219 219 and they will go through the steps on making your computer more secure than ever.
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