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Slow Computer

 Have you noticed that the super-fast computer you bought is slower than it used to be? Every time your computer installs a new security update, every time you install another piece of


software, the extra data is clogging up your PC's metaphorical arteries. Why not let us tune up your computer, remove or remodel some of that "bloatware" and do a detox on your critical systems.

The differences can be marked. Maybe you don't need to buy that new model after all!


Why do computers get so slow?


Computers become slow because of the amount of data and programs installed on the computer. The more you install the longer it takes the computer to rummage through  the data to find the  program you want to use. Programs usually install an automatic start-up which lets the program start-up when the computer is turned on for the first time.  After a while you could have several programs trying to activate at the same time causing your computer to take longer than expected to start up.

 The older the computer gets the slower it will become; this is caused by the latest programs. If you have a computer 3 or 4 years old you will find it isn’t so great at running new software you are trying to install that is why it ends up not responding and crashing. Every day there is more demand for bigger and better software. This means that the bigger and more complex the software becomes the more power and free space your computer needs.  If your computer is slow and you know its not because of any of the above it could because you are infected by spyware.85% of computers have been infected by spyware at one stage.


How do I speed up my computer?

There is a few ways to speed up your computer. One is to upgrade your memory so your computer this is cheaper than buying a new computer and half of the time most people will buy more or less the same computer with extra memory and a hard drive. If you upgrade the memory and hard drive yourself or get an experienced technician to install the components for you it could save you money.

Another cheap way of speeding up your computer like it was when you first bought it is completely wipe everything and start from scratch. Remove all important data and store it on a removable hard drive. (which everyone should have if you own a computer encase anything goes wrong you have a backup) please note that you cannot save programs they will need to be reinstalled later. Restore the computer back to its factory settings and it should wipe any of the problems you were having with too much data.


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