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For those who don’t know, Bank of Ireland are currently introducing a new style website for their Business Online customers. It looks a lot different but it is a big improvement on the old site. It is easier to use, better looking and should fit easily in to your business’ banking routine. In today’s article we will discuss the new site and some general security issues surrounding banking online.



There are some steps that will ideally need to be completed before the closing down of the old site on the 16th of June 2015. The program Java should be updated to its latest version. You can do this here. Your browsers (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, FireFox, Safari, Opera, etc) for accessing websites on the internet should also be updated fully. As CUA (Administrator) on your banking online account, you will need to accept any changes made to users, groups or payment authorisation levels in the current BOL site in order for the changes to transfer to the new system. If you want to review the security of how you handle your business banking online then here is a good place to start. You may also find it useful to visit BOIs new training portal here.

The site is optimised for the latest versions of Safari, FireFox and Internet Explorer browsers. Some networking firewalls may prevent the BOL site from working. You may also face difficulties if you try to log on through Metro mode in Windows 8. The site is supported by Windows version XP SP2, Vista, 7, 8 and the Apple Mac OS.

A few things to remember on the security side of things. Don’t use obvious password. Review the audit log regularly to monitor activity on BOL. Don’t leave your device unattended if you are logged in to BOL. Do exit BOL before visiting other sites on the internet. There are a number of behaviours you can adopt in order to stay safe when banking online. The best one to have is a healthy dose of suspicion regarding emails and phone calls that you receive that you are not expecting. The bank will never email or phone asking you for your PIN details. Be wary of what links you click on to get to your banking website including BOL. Beware of any unexpected changes to the look of the website. If in doubt, you can always ring us at Eonvia.

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