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Here at Home Helptech, we strive to make sure we are knowledgeable about any upcoming new software, hardware or general computing breakthroughs. This week, I looked over information about Microsoft Cloud Services, part of cloud computing which you may have already heard of. If not, www.dummies.com explains it perfectly: https://www.dummies.com/how-to/content/what-is-cloud-computing.html

Cloud computing is already taking the internet by storm, as Google are developing an operating system to rival Mac and Windows which is solidly based around cloud computing.

In the (very near hopefully) future, everything on a software level of operations will be performed through cloud computing. Even now it is happening without us even realising it, and has been for years. Back in the day when we had dial-up, any one with an email account could only check it really from their home machine, simply because thats where the account was set up. Fast forward a few years, and everyone has an email account that they can check from any internet capable machine around the world. The great thing aswell is that web-based email clients such as Gmail or Microsoft Hotmail use one of the fundamental concepts of Cloud Computing: there is no need for local data storage, or in plain english, you dont have to carry around a laptop just to check your own emails, they are already stored on a server somewhere else.

The great thing is, this is not only happening to just emails. Soon enough, you can have your music, movies, pictures, contacts, you name it, on the internet, completely accessible away from your home computer. Here are some links to look at, they should help to make the move to cloud computing!




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