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As most of you reading this know, when we do any kind of work on a system/machine, we try our level best to install any system updates available at the time. The only problem is, a lot of these updates and patches can come in drips and drabs. Enter Windows 7 Service Pack 1.

Windows 7 Service Pack One Logo

This new Service Pack will be great for anyone who is using Windows 7  for the first time or using a new machine. All of the previous updates and patches are included in Service Pack 1 (SP1) to save you the hassle of having to install them all one by one, and it also includes a few new updates too. We would recommend everyone running Windows 7 install it when it is released in February (Feb 22nd to be exact) as it will not only fix any bugs or glitches in the system, but it will improve performance, useability and system security.

One thing that always worries some people though (myself included), is the system stability after an update, as on the odd occasion a system update might show some other system errors or faults. So you can imagine I was happy when I saw this on the Release Notes:

“Currently, no critical issues that require you to take corrective action either before or immediately after installation have been reported or discovered in testing. The document is continuously updated, so if any such issues are discovered or reported, they will be available in the Release Notes document.”


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