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Worried about what the world can find out about you from Facebook? No? Maybe you should be. The story of facebook has been a story of the slow creep of personal information into the public domain. The EU Data Protection people have recently criticised them for the the way they regularly change their privacy policies and how default privacy settings change on their social network platform.

Since April 21st, Facebook has allowed software developers to mine their public information directly which has resulted in the Openbook website (click here). Take a look at it, it’s an excellent example of why some people should be more careful with what they say on the web.  Then type in your local town’s name, the name of someone you know or some questionable phrase and see who’s up to what.

When you’ve worried yourself sufficiently, head on over to reclaimprivacy.org and follow the instructions to check your Facebook privacy settings.

I think the best advice is always to assume that at some point anything you ever publish on Facebook, Twitter or any other social networking site could be available to everyone, worldwide, forever. Take thirty seconds before you finish your next status update to think about that, and see if you edit your posting….

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