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In the last few weeks we have seen a sudden, marked increase in the number of calls we’ve been receiving about virus infections. There seems to be one main culprit – Internet Security 2010, a rogue anti-virus programme which appears more invasive than normal. We haven’t been able to work out a source yet. The bad news appears to be that many of the off the shelf internet security packages damage critical system files during their repair, often leaving the use facing a blank, un-responsive desktop when they log in.
For those who have been infected and still have a working desktop, we recommend using a combination of rkill.com, a command file and malwarebytes as the first steps in a clean up.

If you have a blank desktop left, specialist assistance will be required and you should contact Home Helptech who can arrange nationwide pickup, cleanup and delivery.

If you have any problems with these steps or any other problems please don’t hesitate to call one of our qualified engineers and technicians and we will be delighted to perform the required steps to deal with your problem.

| Lo-Call 1890 219 219 (Ireland) | Freefone 0808-CALHELP (UK) |

| Business Hours: Monday – Friday 9:45 to 6:30 & Saturday 9:00 to 12:00 |

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