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Windows 10 is just around the corner and with it brings a solution to a lot of the headaches caused by Windows 8 and 8.1. The much loved desktop environment makes a welcome return, unhampered by the lack of a start button or default settings to the “Metro” tablet environment. You will know this as the screen with all your apps in Win 8.1. It is also where you access the search function by pressing Win+Q. There is hardly enough space in one article to explain but there are a lot of changes coming in Windows 10.

One of the biggest changes will be the Internet Explorer browser. With two new engines driving it (they being the Javascript and rendering engines) there is a lot to hopefully look forward to. Will there be a popular swing back in favor of IE for die hard Chrome, FireFox or Safari users? That remains to be seen but hopefully it will play nicer with more websites. The previews and snapshots at least make it look better than previous versions and that will go a long way to improving user experience. They might just be taking heed from the likes of Google and Apple in the look and style of it. The code name for this project in Microsoft is “Spartan”.



The next big thing is of course HoloLens, Microsoft’s answer to Google glass. It is being powered by an Intel processor chip and will work with a range of Microsoft products. Only a few people have had the chance to use the product themselves but it will be used in an augmented reality scenario with products such as Mine craft and Office. That is augmented reality as opposed to virtual reality (Oculus Rift) Neither does it seem farfetched that “Minority Report” style scenarios of typing on any surfaces and being recognised by computers by your iris is very far beyond the possibility for the ordinary person any more. If that seems implausible then we are certainly closer than ever before.

The third and final mention in this article will go to Cortana, and the integration of Cortana in to Internet Explorer and Windows 10. Cortana is the voice activation service created by Microsoft. It can be compared to Siri on Apple products. Google has also incorporated something similar in their Android devices. Along with eye recognition for authentication purposes (to prove who you are) we also may be looking at voice recognition. Cortana can be used to ask questions and make appointments and reminders. It can also be integrated with your calendar, location, schedule, etc. to act as a physical, human personal assistant in all but actuality.

There will be a desktop and tablet/mobile version available it seems and the line here will be drawn around the 8” tablet size and smaller. The details of this are still emerging. There will also be some free upgrades for users already on Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 until a year after its release. This is exciting news and if you want to know more please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.


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